YouTuber Shares Fortnite Glitch To Get Wooly Warrior Skin

This easy glitch shared by YouTuber Alastair’ Ali-A’ Aiken allows Fortnite gamers to open up their final Winterfest present, the Wooly Warrior skin, a day early in Fortnite.

After many days of extra rewards and challenges, Fortnite’s Winterfest occasion is beginning to come to a detailed with just a few days remaining till its scheduled end date, January 2.

However, among the popular battle royale’s players have managed to find an exploit in-game that enables the player to unlock the final current – the Wooly Warrior pores and skin early.

Popular YouTuber Ali-A was among one of the first to share the glitch, which permits players to open up their final in-game present a day early.

Ali-A explains that players will need to go to the Winterfest Lodge from the principle menu after which solely open the presents which might be on the left side of the room, whereas leaving these on the right facet unopened.

“The reason I told you to avoid the right-hand side is that you simply cannot have opened any of those three as a result of it’s a must to, if we go to the left-hand side, have opened all of them up apart from the green one,” the YouTuber explained highlighting the glitch’s process.

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