YouTube TV’s Live Guide Will Make to Watch Schedule for Your Vacation

YouTube TV’s Live Guide for the web is now far more useful in your vacation entertainment devising: It now reveals seven days of programming schedules as an alternative of solely telling you what is currently airing prefer it used to. The over-the-top internet television service’s Twitter account says YouTube TV applied the change after listening to user feedback, and that the information now also incorporates a “recent new look.”

To access the guide, customers merely must go to the Live tab on desktop and scroll sideways to see the remainder of the schedule they cannot initially see on screen. They’ll float over a schedule card to see how long they still have to revisit for a present to start and click on a card to see extra particulars about a show, besides, to add it to their library.

It is still unclear if the new features are making their alternative to YouTube TV’s mobile and smart TV apps. (9to5Google notes, although some of its TV apps have already got an analogous interface.) A number of the service’s Twitter followers requested on the platform. However, its social media supervisor only responded with, “We can’t confirm that right now; however, you may all be the first to know!”

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