YouTube to Be Taking On Twitch by Giving Away Subscriptions

YouTube appears to be taking on Twitch more subtly: by giving away subscriptions, you’d otherwise have to pay for. Some Premium members have received to decide on a free channel membership (worth up to $5) every month, very like the free Twitch channel subscriptions that Amazon Prime users get. The perk is inconsistently out there and doesn’t appear to work for any less than a few of those who see it, but it’s clear that YouTube has no less than been occupied with a bonus like this.

This might be a test if it represents a deliberate launch, although it will not be stunning. With new high Twitch streamers heading to YouTube, there will probably be more people eager to again their favorite broadcasters. This can give followers a method to provide support at no extra cost if they already subscribe to Premium — and, after all, assist YouTube to enhance Premium subscriptions within the process.

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