YouTube Mobile App To Let You Access To Voice Search While Casting

Now you can search for videos with your voice on YouTube mobile even when you’re casting to a bigger screen. The Google-owned platform has stated the feature, which works on each iOS and Android devices, together with the announcement that it’s now potential to watch YouTube in HDR on the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. YouTube’s post additionally talked about the other capacities it rolled out over the past year. These include “Who’s Watching,” a function that allows you to switch between the profiles linked to the device you are watching on, as well as YouTube’s debut on Amazon Fire TV devices.

The platform has more cast-related options in the works, as well. German site SmartDroid (via Android Community) has discerned what appears to an experimental function rolling out to pick Android customers, which turns the mobile YouTube app into more of a remote control while you’re casting.

In the meantime, you possibly can only much use the app to pause, play, and alter the amount when you’re casting to a TV. The updated controls, nevertheless, present a directional pad that makes it easier to browse movies and includes quicker access to captions and high-quality playback settings.

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