Xiaomi MIUI 11 Stable Version to Roll Out For More Devices

The stable version of Xiaomi MIUI 11 began rolling out in mid-October. Whereas Xiaomi is getting ready for this update for more devices, it is usually adding some new options. As of now, 27 Xiaomi phones are receiving both the secure or beta model of MIUI 11 on the prime of Android 10. Just lately, there were stories that Xiaomi is working on a color management feature in addition to a sound equalizer for MIUI 11. Now, there are signs that MIUI 11 soon has a screen-off signature display function.

In response to Jin Fan, the product director of Xiaomi and the head of MIUI, the screen-off signature will have the time underneath it. According to him, this function is currently in development. If there aren’t any issues with it, then it ought to be available within the subsequent stable update.

The signature function of the display is an extension of the color AOD, which relies on the self-luminous traits of the OLED screen. One main concern about this feature is power consumption. Nonetheless, Xiaomi says that the screen-off signature conserves power while lively.

As well as, MIUI customers can customize the screen-off signature, in addition to modify the font color, size, thickness, and so on. Some customers will not be comfortable with this function. For such customers, they do not need to activate it.

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