World’s Biggest Virtual Assistant’s Title Goes to Siri

When it comes to virtual assistants, depending on the phone and platform you use, you may be using any number of virtual assistants ranging from Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and so forth. But if there were a “world’s biggest” title when it comes to digital assistants, would Siri necessarily be a reputation that comes to mind?

Apparently, that’s the case, based on market research firm Futuresource, where they claim that Siri is the world’s most prominent virtual assistant, the place it instructions a 35% share of the global virtual assistant market. As iMore points out, this sort of makes sense when you consider the truth that Siri is shipped on just about every Apple product.

This includes devices just like the iPhone, iPad, the Apple Watch, the HomePod, and every Mac computer. Additionally, based mostly on that logic, it doesn’t come as a shock to study that Microsoft’s Cortana comes in second place with a 22% market share as a result of the sheer variety of Windows computers there are out there today.

If correct, it’s fascinating to see that Siri is leading the best way. We’d have assumed that Google Assistant is perhaps within the lead on account of Android being the dominant platform when it comes to smartphones, but it sure looks like we would have been wrong.

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