Why Jennifer Connelly says Tom Cruise is??

Tom Cruise is my inspiration and also I had fun working with him in Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is just an Great actor and he makes it very easy to work with him as an Co-Actress, I really enjoyed working with him

Jennifer Connelly don't likes Flying in Airplane but Tom make it easier for her so it was fun working in Top Gun: Maverick

While Sailing on Boat in the Movie, Jennifer was practicing and recalling the Dialogue so that she won't forget them

Jennifer Connelly watched her movie Top Gun Maverick with Audience about 4 times and enjoyed the public reactions

Tom Cruise has made me so comfortable while working in this movie that I was enjoying entire scene shoots with him

Tom Cruise has skills, he is a very good Person, Actor, Pilot, Sailor, Stunt man, and Excellent Driver

I trust Tom Cruise very much, if you have seen Top Gun first part then you should all watch Top Gun: Maverick too

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