Top 10 Crypto Influencers in the USA

The creator of the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency, 23 years old, was listed under 30.

Vitalik Buterin - @VitalikButerin

Roger Ver, a.k.a. "Bitcoin Jesus," is one of the pioneering, outspoken, and contentious cryptocurrency investors. 

Roger Ver - @rogerkver

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a well-known author, lecturer, educator, and authority on open blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos - @aantop

Tim Draper is a multimillionaire venture capitalist known for his early investments in Baidu, Hotmail, Tesla, and SpaceX.

Tim Draper - @TimDraper

One of the original altcoins, Litecoin (LTC), was created by Charlie Lee, who is best recognized as a very successful businessman in the nascent cryptocurrency sector.

Charlie Lee - @SatoshiLite

Pomp Anthony Pompliano is an investor in technology and an entrepreneur. Most people just refer to him as "Pomp."

Anthony Pompliano - @APompliano

As one of the most well-known entrepreneurs and serial Bitcoin supporters, Erik Voorhees views cryptocurrency as one of the most significant human innovations ever.

Erik Voorhees - @ErikVoorhees

Before discovering Bitcoin, Tone spent ten years in Wall Street. Now he teaches others about the significance of this special Financial Technology on his YouTube channel.

Tone Vays - @ToneVays

John McAfee is a well-known tech CEO, computer scientist, and advocate for civil disobedience, privacy, and the development of the commercial antivirus market.

John McAfee - @officialmcafee

Ivan and Filip educate people about blockchain technology and programming, empowering individuals all around the world.

Ivan on Tech - @IvanOnTech

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