Tiger Woods, a legend of golf, was asked to comment on the Jordan vs. LeBron on GOAT controversy in 2018. He responded brilliantly.

Tiger's response was so spontaneous and incredible. The audience laughed and enjoyed as they continued to applaud.

LeBron is different from MJ, who was a great scorer and played defense like no other, consistently making the first team all-defense.

He's like a cross between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, which is very unusual because he raises the ball a lot.

MJ didn't do it. Even though he frequently used Scottie Pippen as a point forward, which would seem similar to LeBron, they are significantly dissimilar in many ways.

When it came to winning the league, reaching the Finals, and dominating it, MJ did things differently than LeBron.

This was purely due to the makeup of their minds, games, builds, and physical characteristics.

But in the end, they both triumph. We both find what these people are doing to be incredible when we look at them. 

They are merely altering the game and the way it is played. We were unaware that it could be played that way, and both of them have.

It's difficult to compare them since they are quite different players as Tiger Woods noted and specified comparing them to a GOAT.

LeBron is the first player to gain 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, & 10,000 assists, all of which are incredible accomplishments.

Jordan was a scoring monster who won a record 10 scoring titles.

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