Things You Didn’t Know about Astrid Menks

Astrid was a waitress when she met Warren and his former wife, Susan.

1. She Was a Waitress

By all appearances, Astrid and Warren’s first wife Susie were either the best of friends or also in love.

2. Not the Love Triangle You Expected

According to most sources, Astrid and Warren lived together happily for three or four decades before they married.

3. Forty Year Engagement

Astrid is originally from Latvia, which is a small country on the Baltic sea right between Lithuania and Estonia.

4. Latvian

Like so many other Americans, Astrid is an immigrant. 

5. Immigrant

There is an old cliche about the way to a man’s heart. They say it is through his stomach, which means that you can cook your way into love.

6. The Way to a Man’s Heart

Astrid began her relationship with Warren by doing exactly what his wife had told her to do. She took care of him.

7. Billionaire Caretaker

Among her other interests, Astrid is known for her charitable contributions to the local Zoo.

8. Animal Lover

Susie, Warrens daughter (named for his wife), credits Astrid with basically saving him.

9. Astrid Saved Warren

In August of 2019, Astrid and Warren celebrate their thirteenth year of marriage.

10. Thirteen Years of Marriage

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