One of the original altcoins, Litecoin (LTC), was created by Charlie Lee, who is best recognized as a successful businessman in the fledgling cryptocurrency sector.

As the "silver to Bitcoin's gold," Lee has always referred to Litecoin as an addition to Bitcoin rather than a rival.

Although Litecoin's code is based on Bitcoin, he built it with a few key variations that would not only distinguish his currency in the market but also fix several problems of Bitcoin.

Litecoin has retained its status as one of the top cryptocurrencies in a very unpredictable market, in contrast to many other altcoins that made their debut in 2010s and have since disappeared.

Like many other coders anxious to imitate Bitcoin, Lee's first foray into cryptocurrencies was a failure. On his second attempt, he was more successful than the majority of the other developers.

Contrary to many other altcoins introduced in the early 2010s and have since vanished, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, Litecoin has continued to hold its position.

When Lee was still a software engineer at Google in 2011, two years after Bitcoin, he created and released Litecoin (LTC).

He left Google in 2013 to work as an engineering manager (from 2013 to 2015) and director of engineering (from 2015 to 2017) at Coinbase, a digital currency exchange.

He left Coinbase in 2017 to devote all of his efforts to the Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit organization he established in 2016.

In contrast to many other cryptocurrency creators eager to imitate Bitcoin, Charlie Lee has shown amazing tenacity in a fiercely competitive market.

As of March 2022, he is still working as the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, where his main objective is to spread the word about and encourage the use of Litecoin.

His successful track record results from his knowledge and position as a significant social media influencer in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, with 1 million followers.

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