Believe It Lotto America Kansas Jackpot

The Lottery's advertised jackpot sum is the annuitized amount. 

Prizes will be given out to winners in one lump sum, fewer taxes.

The amount to the Lotto for the jackpot prize pool is the lump sum cash payment.

The option to pick a cash payment or annuity must be made within 60 days of the validation and claim of a winning ticket.

Before the award is handed out, federal (24%) and state (5%) taxes must be withheld by law.

The amount of tax that players ultimately owe could be higher or lower than what was withheld.

Over the following 29 years (30 payments), winners will receive progressive payments minus taxes prizes.

Depending on the current interest rates, it represents almost half of the expected annuity option jackpot.

Tickets for drawing – Players must claim a reward 365 days from the ticket's drawing date. 

For information on the expiration date for a particular game, consult the list of expired instant games.

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