After the incident in "Rust," Alec Baldwin hired a private investigator, but he didn't believe he would face charges.

Alec Baldwin doesn't think he'll face criminal charges for the death of Halyna Hutchins on the Rust set.

Baldwin told CNN, "I hired a private investigator," later adding, "These last ten months have ripped years off my life."

Baldwin's private investigator's findings support his conclusion that no one will face criminal charges.

Baldwin continued by saying that the accident had caused him to lose five jobs in less than a year.

For Halyna's family, Baldwin said he wanted to finish Rust because "we wanted to put the money in the kid's pocket."

Baldwin shared a section of the CNN interview explaining how the pistol fired without the user touching the trigger on social media.

Many have commented on the tragedy, including former president Donald Trump, who claimed that Baldwin intentionally shot the cinematographer.

The Western movie's producer, Baldwin, has repeatedly insisted and tried proving that he never fired the shot.

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