Verizon to Sell OnePlus 8 5G Version

When OnePlus releases its next phone later this year, you’ll reportedly be able to buy it at not one but two major US carriers. Following Android Police, Verizon will sell a OnePlus device for the first time. Citing “a provider close with the companies’ plans,” the web site says the provider will provide a 5G-capable version of the OnePlus 8. However, it is currently unclear if Verizon will even sell the OnePlus 8 Pro.

If the report is correct, it’ll be interesting to see how OnePlus tries to regulate the choice to allow Verizon to put in apps on its phone. Pete Lau, the corporation’s co-founder, has repeatedly stated in interviews that OnePlus designs products with “burdenless” user experiences that don’t force bloatware on its customers.

As usual, it is best to be doubtful until we get official confirmation. That stated, pickup by Verizon is one thing OnePlus has been engaged on for some time. Since the OnePlus 6T, the company’s telephones have included Band 13 support, allowing you to use them on Verizon’s LTE community. And whereas OnePlus’ T-Mobile partnership has helped it sell more phones, Verizon’s help would likely assist the company immensely. In either case, we have reached out to OnePlus for remark, and we’ll update this article when the company responds.

Melissa Brewer

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