Valve to Add Moderation In CS: GO To Report Toxic Gamers

The Valve is working on a brand new moderation system for CS: GO that could finally give toxic gamers pause. This forthcoming system will warn players if they obtain considerably more abuse reports than their peers and punish them if they ignore it. How? Well, if others continue to report them for abuse despite that initial warning, then they will be muted by everybody by default. Other players can select to unmute them manually; however, they’ll remain in that default mute state till they earn enough XP to shake off the penalty.

While they didn’t reveal how many reviews a person has to get earlier than they concern a warning, the team clarified that reviews from those who play frequently and don’t report usually carry more weight, most likely as an attempt to stop people from gaming the system. Meanwhile, accounts “that generate no XP and spam reports will have little to no impact.” It is still unclear when they’ll start sending out warnings. However, they said they’ve already begun to monitoring gamers’ reports with the new system. They’re also encouraging gamers to report poisonous players for “Abusive Communications or Profile.”

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