Twitter To Stop Using Word “Users” For Individuals Who Use Its Platform

Twitter has declared that, at least in its public documents, it may stop calling the people who use its platform “users.” It is “an effort to show more empathy for the people who use Twitter,” explains the company’s most recent financial results incorporating the fourth quarter of 2019. As an alternative, it is reframing the talk to be about Monetizable Each day Active Usage, Twitter’s shorthand forusers’people it could sell adverts against.

It is a part of an initiative to make Twitter a happier, cuddlier place to be, with the usual boast that it is shortened the number of “unhealthy” tweets on the service. That includes a 27 % decline in “bystander reports” on Tweets that infringe the company’s code of conduct. A lot of that’s down to machine-learning fashions, which are designed to discover proactively, and takedown, the material before people, flag it as needing moderation.

The company, which brags that it loved its first-ever billion-dollar quarter over the holiday season! That funneled right down to net earnings of $119 million, though that’s a lot less than the $255 million net earnings Twitter made in the same three months last year.

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