Twitter Permanently Banned a Financial Site for Spreading False Information on Coronavirus

It is not merely Facebook and Google fighting false coronavirus information. Twitter has permanently banned financial site and conspiracy promoter Zero Hedge after it gave a story that not only made false claims that a Wuhan-based scientist created the new coronavirus as a weapon, but doxxed the researcher by issuing a name, photo, email, and cellphone number. As BuzzFeed News discovered, Zero Hedge had proposed that readers “probably pay a visit” — a thinly-veiled threat of violence.

In a statement, Twitter said that it had banned Zero Hedge for violating the social network’s “platform manipulation coverage.” Nonetheless, Zero Hedge mentioned it had obtained a notice on Friday that it was violating Twitter policies against “abuse and harassment.” Twitter had informed in late January that it would ban accounts involved in “coordinated attempts” to spread coronavirus misinformation.

The ban doesn’t entirely cut off Zero Hedge’s social channels, but it surely does significantly limit the site’s ability to disseminate tales when it had roughly 670,000 followers. The incident illustrates the hazards sites take once they use mainstream social networks to spread conspiracies and make threats. Whereas they might reach the most significant potential audiences, it does not take a lot these days for social media sites to crack down on large-scale abusers and erase their presence in a moment.

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