The Navy Now Has Banned Use of TikTok Over Security Concerns

The Navy is not the one American military department shutting down on TikTok. The Army has banned the usage of TikTok on government-issued phones, with Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa telling that it is “thought-about a cyber threat.” The Army began warning soldiers in mid-December; roughly on the similar time the Defense Department was telling workers to delete TikTok to “avoid any disclosure of personal info.”

As with the Navy ban, the Army is likely concerned that TikTok’s Chinese parent firm ByteDance could pose problems. Whereas there’s no proof of suspicious activity happening, ByteDance could theoretically be forced to forward soldiers’ sensitive information to the Chinese government or to recruit soldiers as spies. The corporate has been wanting to fend off such claims, to the purpose, the place reports have speculated that it would sell control of TikTok to reassure nervous US officials.

It is not recognized if the Air Force or Marine Corps have applied analogous policies, though it is doubtless given coordination between the forces.

None of the companies can ban TikTok from personal phones, so this may not wreck troopers’ attempts to document their adventures. Nonetheless, that also leaves some interests in safety. The Military still asks soldiers to be wary of strange texts, in keeping with Ochoa. However, it’s ultimately up to the troops to keep away from sharing valuable data.

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