Tesla is working on sensors that could detect children and animals left inside a hot car.

Yes. You read that right. Tesla is working on a motion sensing device that could detect if there are children and animals left inside a hot car. News is Tesla Inc. has even asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for approval.

Tesla says that this technology is better than the other camera based sensing systems. This technology is based on a radar system which detects soft materials like blankets and has ability to see through it. It can also detect different objects inside a car which can prevent false alarm.

This technology is so unique that it can detect micro movements like breathing patterns and heart rates which is impossible to detect via camera based systems. Tesla added this technology can be more effective in detecting different body sizes which will help to optimize the deployment of airbags at the time of accident knowing a child or an adult is seated in the car.

We will hear more from Tesla about this technology soon in the month of september. What are your thoughts about this?

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