YouTube to Be Taking On Twitch by Giving Away Subscriptions

YouTube appears to be taking on Twitch more subtly: by giving away subscriptions, you’d otherwise have to pay for. Some Premium members have received to decide on a free channel membership (worth up to $5) every month, very like the free Twitch channel subscriptions that Amazon Prime users get. The perk is inconsistently out there … Read more

Google Partnered With Activision Blizzard with YouTube as Exclusive Streaming Platform

Google announced a multi-year strategic relationship with a prominent game developer that spans various segments of the company. Google Cloud will develop into Activision Blizzard’s most popular provider for game hosting as YouTube becomes the exclusive live eSports streaming partner. The deal strives to “power new player experiences” for the game developer’s hundreds of millions … Read more

YouTube TV’s Live Guide Will Make to Watch Schedule for Your Vacation

YouTube TV’s Live Guide for the web is now far more useful in your vacation entertainment devising: It now reveals seven days of programming schedules as an alternative of solely telling you what is currently airing prefer it used to. The over-the-top internet television service’s Twitter account says YouTube TV applied the change after listening … Read more

YouTube Rolls out Its Personalized Music Playlist – Discover Mix, New Release Mix, Your Mix

YouTube Music’s new personalized playlists at the moment are available to users worldwide. Right now, YouTube introduced its Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix. The playlists will curate your favorite songs, new releases, and unheard tracks by your favorite artists, plus others you would possibly like. A couple of months ago, Discover Mix … Read more