Group of Hackers Took Down Facebook Accounts Mentions Facebook Is Hackable

Facebook’s social media accounts were momentarily taken over by a group of hackers on Friday afternoon. The hacking group OurMine posted on Twitter and Instagram accounts for Facebook and Messenger, writing, “even Facebook is hackable.” The accounts have now been restored. OurMine claims its attacks are to try to show cyber vulnerabilities. In January, it … Read more

Twitter To Stop Using Word “Users” For Individuals Who Use Its Platform

Twitter has declared that, at least in its public documents, it may stop calling the people who use its platform “users.” It is “an effort to show more empathy for the people who use Twitter,” explains the company’s most recent financial results incorporating the fourth quarter of 2019. As an alternative, it is reframing the … Read more

Twitter Permanently Banned a Financial Site for Spreading False Information on Coronavirus

It is not merely Facebook and Google fighting false coronavirus information. Twitter has permanently banned financial site and conspiracy promoter Zero Hedge after it gave a story that not only made false claims that a Wuhan-based scientist created the new coronavirus as a weapon, but doxxed the researcher by issuing a name, photo, email, and … Read more

Russia to Tighten Legislation on All Foreign Media and Tech Giants

Russian legislation focusing on foreign media and tech giants may prove challenging next year for firms like Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter. Content restrictions have been toughening since October, based on The Hollywood Reporter. By July 1, all computers and mobile gadgets bought in Russia should come preinstalled with Russian-approved software. For instance, Apple must … Read more

Twitter to Remove Animate PNG Files to Keep Trolls Misusing On Photosensitive People

Twitter will no longer animate PNG files after trolls seized the Epilepsy Foundation’s designation and hashtags last month to address potentially seizure-inducing images to epileptic and photosensitive people. The corporate says it lately discovered a bug that had enabled individuals to add multiple animated images to a tweet and bypass Twitter’s autoplay protections utilizing the … Read more

Twitter Confirms Vulnerability Wants User to Update App on Android

This week, Twitter confirmed the vulnerability in its Android app that could let hackers see your “nonpublic account information” and activate your account to send tweets and direct messages. According to a Twitter Privacy Center blog posted Friday, the (lately patched) security situation could allow hackers to gain control of an account and access information … Read more

Facebook and Twitter Removed False Accounts Spreading Pro-Donald Trump Contents

Facebook and Twitter had removed a network of false accounts and pages spreading pro-Donald Trump rhetoric to more than 55 million people on Friday, The Verge reported, making the internet only slightly more real than it was on Thursday. Facebook detailed its actions in a blog post, noting that it removed 610 Facebook accounts, 89 … Read more