Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Is Now in Active Service

Russia’s vaunted hypersonic missile is now in service — though to what degree is not clear. The country’s Ministry of Defense has declared that the Avangard system is in use with its first regiment as of the morning of December 27th. The addition theoretically provides Russia with the ability to strike targets around the globe … Read more

Russian Space Agency New Satellite Roscosmos Launched On Christmas Eve

Roscosmos – Russia’s space agency sent a brand new satellite into orbit in a stunning Christmas Eve launch at present (Dec. 24). It is a mission: to study Earth’s weather from above. A Proton rocket launched the brand new satellite, designated to as Electro-L 3, into orbit from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 7:03 a.m. … Read more

Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Seen Using Windows XP in Latest Photographs

Russia may like to manifest itself as a powerful and secure nation; however, in the case of cyber-security, President Vladimir Putin comes up nicely concise. As The Guardian reveals, photographs released by the Kremlin in November show president Putin sitting at his desk throughout a video conferencing session with the WorldSkills Union. On his desk is … Read more