New Microsoft’s Project xCloud Is Making Its Way Over To iOS

After launching in preview on Android phones, Microsoft’s Project xCloud is making its way over to iOS devices. iPhone and iPad owners can now check out the game streaming service through Apple’s TestFlight platform. Being a TestFlight beta – there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that the preview is restricted … Read more

Microsoft’s Bug Bounty Program Is Paying Bug Hunters Up To $20,000

Microsoft has initiated a bug bounty program, especially for the Xbox Live community and services, and it is paying bug hunters up to $20,000. Like every other bug bounty program, the payout depends on the security vulnerability’s severity and starts at $500. Security holes that leave the Xbox Live network vulnerable to spoofing attacks can … Read more

Microsoft Is Enhancing Health-Tech Support by Donating $40 Million AI for Health Program

Microsoft’s intensifying health-tech strategy now features a significant commitment to AI. The company is starting a $40 million AI for Health program that should assist researchers, and critical organizations improve the standard of life for individuals across the planet. The five-year initiative will use AI to improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, as you might have … Read more

Microsoft shared Android for Surface Duo and Neo

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be joking when it mentioned it needed to give developers the chance to prepare for its dual-screen future reasonably early. Over the past weeks, it has been releasing bits and items of its vision, like its fluent design language, the Microsoft Launcher for Android. Now it has released its most significant … Read more

Microsoft Confirmed a Data Breach Leaked 250 Million CSS Records

Microsoft has confirmed that between December 5th-31st 2019, a misconfiguration of the security rules for (what ought to have been) an internal customer assist database left it exposed for anyone to access – no password required. According to researcher Bob Diachenko, who found the database was accessible to anybody capable of running a web browser, … Read more

Microsoft Apparently Revamping Windows Product Icons

To completely revamp its product icons, again in December, Microsoft announced it’d start redesigning over 100 Windows product icons. The company has since then been working in the direction of revamping the Windows icons. And now, it seems that the company’s quite close to releasing them to the general public. Based on a Reddit user, … Read more

Microsoft’s Project Artemis to Detect and Report Child Predators

Microsoft has developed a new system to detect and report predators who try to lure children online. Called as “Project Artemis,” the technology will be made accessible for free to fitting online service corporations that provide a chat function. Project Artemis checks text-based conversations and evaluates whether they could be deemed grooming. It designates a … Read more

Microsoft Is Making Next Windows 10 Update Easier

Windows 10’s next principal update scheduled for launch in 2020 will feature a brand new approach to upgrade and install optional drivers. Within the changelog of Windows 10 Build 19536, Microsoft has confirmed that the firm is still working on a neater solution to set up drivers and monthly non-security high-quality updates. This feature was … Read more

Microsoft Will Roll Out Its New Chromium Edge in January

Microsoft has moved with an uncharacteristic pace since it introduced the top of its fully custom Edge browser. The company started in late 2018 that it might transfer to a Chromium-based browser, designed to combine Microsoft companies instead of Google’s. After months of toil, you can get Chromium Edge right now. Microsoft announces the stable … Read more