Group of Hackers Took Down Facebook Accounts Mentions Facebook Is Hackable

Facebook’s social media accounts were momentarily taken over by a group of hackers on Friday afternoon. The hacking group OurMine posted on Twitter and Instagram accounts for Facebook and Messenger, writing, “even Facebook is hackable.” The accounts have now been restored. OurMine claims its attacks are to try to show cyber vulnerabilities. In January, it … Read more

Google and Facebook Are Removing All False Information on Coronavirus

Google and Facebook are trying to remain ahead of coronavirus misinformation and to provide users with helpful, accurate resources. Today, Facebook announced plans to flag and remove false information, and Google has created an SOS Alert for coronavirus searches. Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers are reviewing content related to the virus, now considered a public health emergency … Read more

Facebook Wants Users to Start Their New Year on Right Privacy Information

Facebook wants to start the 2020s on the right privacy footing, and it is about to make that sufficiently clear to most of its customers. The social network is planning to immediate virtually 2 billion people to review their privacy settings over the “next few weeks.” Tap the prompt in your News Feed, and you … Read more

WhatsApp Users Connected to Google’s Beta Program Are Getting Dark Theme Versions

Appreciations to WABetaInfo, we know that WhatsApp users who belong to the app’s Google Play Beta Program are beginning to see the new Dark Theme inside version 2.20.13. Though the Program is not currently accepting new signups, customers can download the APK individually to enable the Dark Theme possibility. As soon as put in, it … Read more

Instagram Apparently Removing IGTV Icon from Its Interface

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that Instagram is removing the IGTV icon on the top of its primary interface. “Only a few” individuals use the icon; Facebook stated — instead, most are watching IGTV videos via their necessary feed, the related Explore channel, user profiles, or the devoted IGTV app. There have been numerous concessions … Read more

Microsoft’s Project Artemis to Detect and Report Child Predators

Microsoft has developed a new system to detect and report predators who try to lure children online. Called as “Project Artemis,” the technology will be made accessible for free to fitting online service corporations that provide a chat function. Project Artemis checks text-based conversations and evaluates whether they could be deemed grooming. It designates a … Read more

Brazil Fined a $1.6 Million Fine on Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The Cambridge Analytica data scandal might have come to light nearly two years in the ago, however the former company — and as a result, Facebook — is still feeling the effects of the fallout. Brazil’s authorities have inflicted a $1.6 million fine on Facebook for its function in the fiasco — a considerably higher … Read more

Russia to Tighten Legislation on All Foreign Media and Tech Giants

Russian legislation focusing on foreign media and tech giants may prove challenging next year for firms like Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter. Content restrictions have been toughening since October, based on The Hollywood Reporter. By July 1, all computers and mobile gadgets bought in Russia should come preinstalled with Russian-approved software. For instance, Apple must … Read more