Judge Has Dismissed Charges against Glenn Greenwald for Alleged Cybercrimes

Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept faced criminal charges for violating cybersecurity laws in Brazil last month. Now a judge has released the hacking charges associated with six people who allegedly stole data from the phones of judges and public officials. His outlet revealed excerpts of a bunch chats allegedly displaying coordination within the judge and prosecutors … Read more

Scammers Are Using New Approach to Phish Victims

Here are two internet domains: ee.co.uk and ee.co.uk.billing-update-jan02[.]info. They appear alike, don’t they? You might even assume they belong to the same domain. However, the second URL is an alarming example of a brand new approach to unsuspecting phish victims: Scammers have been incorporating the date into their malicious internet domains to help them spoof … Read more

Alabama Resident Filed Lawsuit against Amazon and Ring for Alleged Security Hacks

Alabama resident John Orange has filed a class-action lawsuit accusing Amazon and Ring of failing to do enough to defend their security systems towards hacks, together with Orange’s. He alleged stranger compromised his Ring outdoor camera and frightened his kids as a “direct and proximate” result of the corporate lack of ability to protect its … Read more

Students of JLU in Germany Faced Cyberattack – Lined Up For New Passwords

Thirty-eight thousand students at a university in Germany have been instructed to line up for a brand new email password after hackers targeted its servers. Justus Liebig University (JLU) in Giessen, close to Frankfurt, was hit by a malware attack earlier this month, aiding its IT workers to shut down all of its computer systems, … Read more