Google Announced Chrome to Warn About Insecure Downloads To Users

Google at present announced that it would soon warn Chrome users about “insecure” downloads the initial move in a system to block them entirely. “Today, we’re announcing that Chrome will steadily ensure that secure (HTTPS) pages solely download secure files,” stated Joe DeBlasio of the Chrome security team in a blog post. “Insecurely-downloaded files are … Read more

Chrome 79 Update Is Now Resumed After Facing Technical Glitches

The rollout of Chrome 79 has now resumed, as confirmed by Google’s Chrome Releases blog. Chrome 79 (79.0.3945.93) for Android features a fix for the WebView bug. The fix is explained as, “Resolves a problem in WebView where some users’ app data was not visible within those apps. The app data was not misplaced and can … Read more