Google Will Answer Your Android-Related Issues on Twitter

Google will now answer your Android-related issues on Twitter, and you do not even have to slide into its DMs. The company has declared that it is currently assisting customers who tweet their concerns with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has additionally supplied some further information about its new tech support system on Reddit, noting that … Read more

Microsoft shared Android for Surface Duo and Neo

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be joking when it mentioned it needed to give developers the chance to prepare for its dual-screen future reasonably early. Over the past weeks, it has been releasing bits and items of its vision, like its fluent design language, the Microsoft Launcher for Android. Now it has released its most significant … Read more

Opera Is Accused For Offering Predatory and Misleading Loans through Android App

Opera has frequently tried to maintain the moral high ground within the web browser world. However, it’s being accused of using its side projects for much less virtuous behavior. Hindenburg Research has revealed a report alleging that Opera is running four Android apps aimed at India, Kenya, and Nigeria that seem like in direct violation … Read more

Samsung Phones Getting Timelier Android Updates Kicks on Trends

Historically, Samsung hasn’t been the very best at offering timely Android updates. The corporate typically wait to ship devices with the newest version of Android till after the release of its Galaxy S flagships, and updates usually take some time to make it within the pipe. It appears as the South Korean firm has lastly … Read more

Twitter Confirms Vulnerability Wants User to Update App on Android

This week, Twitter confirmed the vulnerability in its Android app that could let hackers see your “nonpublic account information” and activate your account to send tweets and direct messages. According to a Twitter Privacy Center blog posted Friday, the (lately patched) security situation could allow hackers to gain control of an account and access information … Read more

Chrome 80 Beta to be Focused on Offline Content Indexing

Sophisticated web apps could make movies and different files available offline, however finding that media is difficult if the website does not offer you an easy option to find it. Soon, although, that search may be trivial. Google has released a Chrome 80 beta whose centerpiece is a Content Indexing framework that lets progressive web … Read more