Square Enix’s has Delayed Launch of Dying Light 2

Another Square Enix-published game is suffering a suspension, and this may not be a short wait. Techland has delayed its zombie title Dying Light 2 indefinitely to allow “more development time to meet our vision.” It did not say what drove to the company missing its spring 2020 target. And you will have to wait a while to know when the game will be ready — the studio is only promising to share more info in the “coming months.”

There are a variety of potential components behind such a non-specific delay. The widened scope of DL2 could play a key role. The environment and gameplay can change radically based mostly on your actions, and that is probably no small challenge to complete. Lengthy delays like this may additionally signal a desire to alter sport mechanics considerably. And of course, Techland and Square have to think about the timing of the latest consoles. Spring 2020 is simply months away from the launches of each the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Whereas there is no guarantee you may see a fully optimized version of DL2 for these systems, it’d make sense to hold off on the game till it makes higher use of the new.

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