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Sprint Launched an Affordable Screen Repair Program for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Sprint has begun an affordable screen repair program for Samsung Galaxy phones, and it does not even matter if you’re a subscriber. The corporation will repair cracked screens on eligible devices for $49 until February 9th, 2020, “regardless of whom your provider is,” according to the program’s website. Whereas it does not cover the tech giant’s newest flagship devices — Galaxy S10s are still probably underneath warranty for most people anyway — this system will repair broken screens on the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+ and Note 8.

That mentioned the supply does have some limitations. Your phone has to be in working condition, and the carrier notes that not all shattered shows are repairable. Additionally, the supply is restricted to one device per buyer and is just available at Sprint stores with restore providers. Within the event that Sprint deems your phone unrepairable, it will give you the option to sell it for $150 towards a new system.

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