Sonos Is Offering Exchange Program for Older Devices As They Would Stop Working From May

In October 2019, Sonos began to offer clients the ability to trade in their older devices in exchange for a discount on a new device. These older devices, Sonos mentioned, could not receive specific enhancements due to the age of the hardware. However, on-time, Sonos did not point out exactly how or when the age of that merchandise would show problematic. At present, Sonos has released more details: Starting in May 2020, these older merchandises will not receive any new software updates, and house owners who choose to keep using them can expect features to stop working slowly.

Starting today, you can establish whether any of your Sonos products are affected by this announcement by logging on to together with your Sonos account and clicking on the System tab. Sonos’s trade-in program remains to be in impact, and you should utilize the Trade-Up tab to take advantage of it if any of your merchandise has been identified.

The trade-in program — which has received criticism from some observers — isn’t obligatory, nonetheless. If you have one of these older merchandises, you possibly can proceed to make use of it. Sonos reported that the May 2020 code freeze for the affected merchandise didn’t necessarily imply that they’d stop working.

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