Samsung Phones Getting Timelier Android Updates Kicks on Trends

Historically, Samsung hasn’t been the very best at offering timely Android updates. The corporate typically wait to ship devices with the newest version of Android till after the release of its Galaxy S flagships, and updates usually take some time to make it within the pipe.

It appears as the South Korean firm has lastly started to buck that trend.

Samsung started selling out the Android 10 update to the Galaxy S10 line in November, which was way onward of schedule. Then, the company started releasing the update on Galaxy Note 10 units a couple of weeks later. It also accelerated the update out to the Galaxy M20 and M30 budget devices.

Now, the recent report of the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 guarantees Android 10 out of the case. Although we don’t know when precisely we’ll see these units, they’re anticipated to launch earlier than the next generation’s Galaxy S11 series. Plus, the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite are additionally expected to launch soon with the most recent model of Android on board.

Indeed, there are nonetheless many Samsung devices that haven’t received the Android 10 update and sure never will, however at least the company isn’t ready for next year’s flagship devices to start pushing it to select present and upcoming handsets.

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