Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Seen Using Windows XP in Latest Photographs

Russia may like to manifest itself as a powerful and secure nation; however, in the case of cyber-security, President Vladimir Putin comes up nicely concise.

As The Guardian reveals, photographs released by the Kremlin in November show president Putin sitting at his desk throughout a video conferencing session with the WorldSkills Union. On his desk is a monitor that is hooked up to a computer running Windows XP. You possibly can tell it is XP from taskbar design and color, and independent Russian news website Open Media confirmed that his PC is definitely running the ancient OS.

Windows XP is now 18 years old and is certainly not suited for accessing the internet securely, even should you do stay in a country that may disconnect from it. Even so, you have to surprise if Putin hasn’t upgraded as a result of he does not need to embrace Windows 10 or if he merely does not use a computer, and the PC has simply been there for a decade or more.

The monitor does counsel it is not that previous, although. If an upgrade goes to occur, it will not be to Windows 10, and it is improbable Putin, and the Kremlin would welcome the Mac. As an alternative, Astra Linux can be the most likely candidate.

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