Russia to Tighten Legislation on All Foreign Media and Tech Giants

Russian legislation focusing on foreign media and tech giants may prove challenging next year for firms like Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter.

Content restrictions have been toughening since October, based on The Hollywood Reporter. By July 1, all computers and mobile gadgets bought in Russia should come preinstalled with Russian-approved software.

For instance, Apple must preinstall a web browser developed by Russian tech firm Yandex amongst different apps, which might require further licensing and development fees on Apple’s part.

Likewise, the Association of Trading Firms and Producers of Electrical Household and Computer Gear have criticized Russia’s laws. International streaming providers such as Netflix and Apple TV+ will face restrictive legislation as well to protect Russian firms, although it’s unclear the way it will work at this time.

If Netflix or Apple TV+ obtain an inflow in subscribers that looms the Russian market, the providers could bear restrictions or an outright ban from the government based mostly on a regulation that restricts foreign-owned streaming providers to a 20 % stake. Limitations could be imposed if the government finds that Netflix or Apple TV+ has a hold on greater than 50 % of all Russian video streaming customers.

Social media platforms comparable to Facebook and Twitter have been in infringement of Russian laws for over three years as a result of not handing over private information of Russian profiles. Legislators and politicians had known as to block entry to the two sites the identical means LinkedIn was in 2016 when the company declined to adjust to the regulation.

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