Riot Games Is Leaking Out Little Details about Project A

Riot Games shared valuable little about what it’s Project A team-based shooter would require apart from a “character-based” focus, but more features are coming to knowledge. Former Counter-Strike pro player Henry Greer reports that Riot called him to play Project A at its European offices, and the title is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a dash of class-based parts from games like Overwatch. You are still trying to plant or defend towards bombs and buying weaponry from a useful resource pool that takes over from round to round. However, characters every have their very own techniques that must be purchased at the very start of around. There are even CS-like maps with chokepoints and lanes.

Greer continued that the early gameplay was “super slick and satisfying,” with a healthy mix of weapons that promoted different playsets. You did not have to bend too carefully on abilities to carry you through a match. And sure, the common CS strategy of skipping purchases to buy essential gear later still works.

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