PUBG Bring New Updates with Options Like Death Cam And Blood Splatter Effects

PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds has officially been updated today with version 5.3 on consoles bringing along with options like Death Cam, new blood-splatter effects, and weapon favoriting features, et al. Though PUBG update 5.3 will not be a significant update, it does carry along with a slew of handy options that PUBG lovers would enjoy.

The official PUBG website has released patch notes for PUBG console replace 5.3. Within the new model, you’d discover the improvements round “blood impact” throughout gameplay. And PUBG has named it “Bloody life-like.” Below the “blood effect,” you’d discover that the size of the blood splash is unified across all coloration settings, and headshots together with the neck space produce extra distinct visible impact to verify there’s explicit identification of the hit. Blood splatter will also be proven on walls and floors if the character is hit close to it. There’d be wounds on aspects that will now present more precise data on which body parts have been hit.

There’s an added death cam feature that might permit the gamers to view how they had been killed. Also, the Death Cam button can be activated a couple of seconds after death within the results screen. Speaking about the weapons, PUBG players can select their “favorite weapon” within the mastery tab, and the weapon of selection will present up as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, no matter whether the weapon has the highest stage or not.

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