Pixel Phones Affected With a Bug Which Makes App Icon Invisible

A bizarre bug has befallen Pixel smartphones, making app icons disappear from the phones. Pixel devices on Android 10 with the December 2019 security patch appear to be affected.

9to5Google reviews that the bug makes app icons invisible on the Pixel Launcher. As an alternative of the icon, a blank space appears with the name of the app, and the background wallpaper on the phone takes over the empty space. Nonetheless, users are nevertheless able to open the app by tapping its name.

The Pixel Launcher bug turns into more robust to deal with when viewing apps in the Favorites tray. Since there are not any app labels there, one will get the impression that the app was deleted entirely. There is no set pattern to how this new bug impacts app icons on Pixel phones. However, 9to5Google reviews that it often falls upon recently used apps.

At present, the bug has been reported on the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 series of smartphones. Individuals who have said the disappearing apps issue are encountering it across the time they restart their phones. Google is yet to acknowledge the bug; however, because it’s a small one, we count on it to get resolved in the next replace. Until then, it’s the price a shot to reset your home screen launcher.

To reset your home screen launcher, head to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info. Right here, choose the Pixel Launcher and go to Storage. Hit Clear dataand test if your app icons have reappeared. If not, you’ll have to wait for Google to roll out a solution.

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