Pentagon Warns Military Personnel on Home Based DNA Tests

The Pentagon has recently distributed a notice advising military personnel not to do at-home DNA tests based on Yahoo News. It warned army members that mail-in industrial DNA tests are “largely unregulated and will expose private and genetic information.” They could additionally “doubtlessly create unintended security consequences and an elevated threat to the joint drive and mission,” the memo learn.

The Department of Defense doubtless released the memo before Christmas, since purchasable DNA test kits are now seen as some hot gift items for the vacations. As well as, the memo notes DNA test firms have been targeting army members with losses. Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Sean Robertson has validated to The New York Times that the discover was despatched to DoD personnel, telling the publication: “We want to ensure all service posts are informed of the risks of Direct to Consumer genetic testing.”

Robertson defined that the “unintentional discovery of markers” for certain illnesses and situations might find yourself affecting a service member’s career. Unfortunately, he did not expound on the precise type of “security penalties” the Pentagon is apprehensive about, as Yahoo News points out. However, the memo was signed by Joseph D. Kernan, the undersecretary of protection for intelligence. As such, it might’ve been a part of the Pentagon’s measures to guard its personnel’ biometrics information. US intelligence authorities have been more worried that different countries could use DNA, fingerprints, and facial recognition information to expose American national security personnel.

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