Our Team

Our Team members are one of a kind, people with contentful minds who love to expand & update their knowledge on daily basis. Here is their portfolio

Madhurima Ghosh

Madhurima Ghosh

Madhurima Ghosh is a highly proactive freelance writer with a proven ability to transform creative concepts and ideas into reality. Content writer by profession and designer by passion. Experienced in Content Curation, Web Content Creation, and Web Content Writing. She likes to create and face challenges head-on. Loves to read and take short trips.

Addy is a Web Video Producer by profession but a Tech enthusiast from the heart. He is always doing what he cannot do yet. And most importantly he never sleeps while he is dreaming.

Atharva Kashikar

Atharva Kashikar

Atharva Kashikar is a Digital Marketing Expert and also a Website Developer who has developed many websites and an Expert on Google News websites.  Experienced Search Engine Optimization Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the digital industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Business Strategy Analysis. Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Business/Commerce, General from Amravati University. Atharva enjoys every moment of time in his own way of living. His philosophy about life is simple that “Live and let live”.

John TurciosJohn Turcios
Editor in Chief

John is the man behind the EduTechToday. The Editor in Chief of EduTechToday has led up the name of the firm. He is sitting on the experience of 25 years and still going strong. He has a passion for writing. John is one of the geeks in EduTechToday who is talking on gadgets all the time. He took his degree as a Software Engineer and later did his MBA. He is the person in the group, always high on learning. This quality of him has made him the Chief. Apart from working, he is visiting tech conventions. At home, he is loved by his family and is a Secret chef.
Phone: +1 212-852-6650
Email: [email protected]

Carrie RaineyCarrie Rainey

Carrie is Sub-Editor for EduTechToday. She is a strict person and leads by the example. She works with part-timers and interns for the group. Carrie has a got Masters in Computer Science and did Journalism too – All the hallmarks of great writer and leader. Carrie has a special love for emerging technology and is being hosted to many regional talk shows. Her favorite pastime jogging and whenever she gets the time she is on the run.
Phone: +1 212-349-3901
Email: [email protected]

Our Content Team

Sharon RodriguezSharon Rodriguez

Sr. Content Writer

Sharon writes for the Mobile technology for the group. She is a mobile freak, always carrying a new phone. Sharon has done her academics from Brown University, where she got masters in electronics. At her own time, she writes for a regional newspaper.
Phone: +1 212-694-1101
Email: [email protected]

Russell MooreRussell Moore
Technology Expert

Russell writes for the computer technology for the group. He is called geek of the EduTechToday – always writing, learning and experimenting the latest tech. He did his academics from Liberty University and has been the top person since then. In his own time, he is always working on computers. He also works for regional magazines in his hometown and penning his work for all.
Phone: +1 212-774-8816
Email: [email protected]

Larry BrownLarry Brown

Gaming Tech Expert

Larry writes for the gaming technology for the EduTechToday group. He is gaming enthusiastic – his day starts and ends in gaming. Larry is also a participant for various gaming competitions and serious competitive player. He writes and reviews the latest gaming tech by first experiencing the game itself!
Phone: +1 212-124-0025
Email: [email protected]

Melissa BrewerMelissa Brewer

Content Writer

Melissa handles the other technology section for the group. She has a team of novices writing for her. Melissa is an excellent teacher for them. She writes for all the oddballs of the new technology. She is a gadget lover and makes sure everyone knows what kind of gadget she is working on.
Phone: +1 212-458-0505

Email: [email protected]