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Nvidia Declared Version Physx 5.0 Open-Source Real-Time Physics Middleware

PhysX is progressing to its 20th birthday, and Nvidia just declared version 5.0 of its open-source real-time physics middleware.

The brand new software development kit (SDK) permitting builders to take full benefit of PhysX 5.0 are set to appear in early 2020. It brings with it a lot of critical new options allowing for more reasonable physics simulation, which game developers, in particular, will be to experiment with.

Nvidia released the announcement video under to present us with a taste of what’s potential utilizing this new version of PhysX. We await a more detailed video stuffed with examples to see what it can do.

Nvidia is promising to assist with a unified constrained particle simulation framework and focuses on three critical new options for the announcement. The primary is known as the Finite Element Model (FEM), which is an “industry-standard simulation technique for deformable bodies.” It is of excellent use for simulating the structural power of objects, be they inflexible or soft, and therefore very useful to the automotive industry.

Nvidia open-sourced PhysX in December the last year and continues to develop the middleware. Expect more details (and hopefully a lot of demos) as the launch of the PhysX 5.0 SDK draws ever closer.

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