Fortnite Now Is an Official High School and College Sport 2022


Fortnite, one of the world’s several popular games, will now be an official high school sport and college sport because of an LA-based startup known as PlayVS. The company has partnered with Epic Games to carry competitive league play to the collegiate and high school levels. This also marks PlayVS’s entry into colleges and universities. … Read more

Most Awaited Video Games 2021 | Exclusive |

Most Awaited Video Games 2021

We all were waiting for the Most Awaited Video Games 2021. Due to this Pandemic situation, most of the Video Game releases were affected and now the wait has come to an end. The Most Awaited Video Games are: Resident Evil: Village Developed by Capcom Series – Resident Evil Publishers – Capcom, Capcom Inc. Platforms … Read more

Download Minecraft for Free: Minecraft 5 modes, Platforms Minecraft, MinecraftEDU, MINECON

Download Minecraft for Free: Minecraft 5 modes, Platforms Minecraft, MinecraftEDU, MINECON

Minecraft was launched for PC gamers to try out in 2019. It had a unique look and was called an alpha built but eventually would be perfected and updated with time as users gave feedback. The game was initially developed by the game developer Mojang Studios from Sweden. The game was particularly created by a … Read more

How to fix steam content file locked issue 2021

steam content file

Introduction If you are an obsessive gamer or played games during this quarantine you would have faced this issue while updating your game. So if you are a new gamer, let me tell you what Steam is. Steam is a video game digital distribution service launched by the value that provides automatic updates for games. … Read more

Savage Game Studios News 2021

What do you understand by savage game studios? Savage Game Studios is one of the shooter games for mobile devices, developed by Venture Beat Inc. Savage Game Studios News Savage Game Studios, one of the most popular mobile game shooters, has earned over $4.4 million. VentureBeat had invested that money in creating two mobile game … Read more

COVID-19 GTA V Mod: Grand Theft Auto 5 games Iron Man fight with Coronavirus


COVID-19 GTA V Mod: In case you can think about one thing, then it could undoubtedly happen in Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5), particularly with mods. Being one the most preferred open-world journey video games, a brand new mod in Grand Theft Auto 5 lets gamers fight coronavirus by calling on Iron Man. As impossible … Read more

Pokémon Go Is Celebrating Valentine’S Day with Tons of Cute Pink Pokémon

Pokémon Go is feasting Valentine’s Day with a plethora of cute, pink Pokémon until Feb. 17. All catch candy will be doubled, and Lures will last for six hours, instead of the usual 30 minutes. That being stated, be sure to make use of Pinap Berries when catching any of the Pokémon you need the … Read more

Riot Games Is Leaking Out Little Details about Project A

Riot Games shared valuable little about what it’s Project A team-based shooter would require apart from a “character-based” focus, but more features are coming to knowledge. Former Counter-Strike pro player Henry Greer reports that Riot called him to play Project A at its European offices, and the title is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with … Read more