Mobile has replaced the hindrances with potential Growth elements



Can you remember how things were back then, and do you realize just how much things have changed? The use of mobile devices has made us replace them with sorts of handy and bulky stuff that we used to rely on. Interestingly, close to the bottom of both activity lists in 2009 were things that today are much more likely to take place on a mobile, namely finding your way, information lookup, and keeping up with the news. Back in 2009, I don’t know about you, but I rarely used the device for talking to my friends or finishing my homework. Intriguingly, times have changed, and now phone devices have replaced some of the primitive hindrances with potential elements and apps that help us engage and prosper in the digital world.

Mobile has replaced the hindrances with potential Growth elements

An interesting one came back years ago and highlighted the fairly widespread expectation that we would see growing mobile usage in the following two years of social networking, online shopping, and watching videos or TV. Those folks were clearly on the ball. If we look back at the time when the first iPhone got launched, we were too reliant on too many devices and things for procuring information. For instance, we used calendars for storing and reminiscing dates, radios for listening to music. But how rapidly all that has changed and the features are available through one aspect of the dice, that is the phone. Mobile phones have increased their impetus from being merely a communication device to becoming the most effective tool in our hands to control and authenticate our lives.

Mobile impact on 21st Century

In the 21st Century, the mobile has replaced the hindrances of keeping so many things at our home like burdensome elements, and all the information is now available within a click which saves valiant time and efforts of both the receiver and also the sender. The rapid growth in social networking has helped us in conducting our businesses online through our networks, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the revolution in phone advancements. The thing that has stood out for me has been the learning nature of people through mobile, which has gauged the developers in making user-friendly apps that are attractive and easy to use.

We have seen the small keypad phones, and with high-tech gaming phones and the high-end capable mobile phones available in the market, the mobile phone industry has gazed at the sight of every beholder, and it would continue to do so in the future as well. Wow, like ten years back, I was holding the mobile phone just to send messages, and now I’m using it to conduct my work, my social networking apps, and most importantly it is scheduling my life around it. The evolution of mobile phones has been paramount in changing our cultural habits towards the digital era, and with the motive running in the full-fledged mode, it is time to put the impetus of important work on your mobile phones and shift from the rigid system of laptops and computers.

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