Mike Bloomberg Using Influencer Power on Instagram to Advertise His Presidential Candidacy

Social media networks like Instagram are one of the few places where you can avoid the advertising reach of Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire presidential candidate. Not so anymore. Based on The New York Times, Bloomberg is working with a company called Meme 2020 to attempt to attain out to young voters. However, rather than influencing them to vote for he based on his policies; Bloomberg is instead trying to secure votes by going viral.

The central part of the campaign has seen in custom meme accounts like @grapejuiceboys, and @tank.sinatra publish direct messages from Bloomberg. In one of the DMs, Bloomberg says he has learned how to use Photoshop earlier than sharing pictures of Bernie Sanders that has been a source of memes lately.

The campaign is an idea of Mick Purzycki, lead strategist of Meme 2020 of Jerry Media. If that name seems informed, it is because Jerry Media was one of the companies that helped excite the notorious Fyre Festival.

Bloomberg’s social campaign continues beyond working with Meme 2020. Last week, it was found that the Bloomberg campaign contracted an organization referred to as Tribe to pay micro-influencers, accounts with more than 1,000 followers however fewer than 100,000 – $150 per post to create original content – that tells us why Mike Bloomberg is the electable candidate who can uprise above the fray, work throughout the aisle, so all Americans feel heard and respected.

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