New Microsoft’s Project xCloud Is Making Its Way Over To iOS

After launching in preview on Android phones, Microsoft’s Project xCloud is making its way over to iOS devices. iPhone and iPad owners can now check out the game streaming service through Apple’s TestFlight platform.

Being a TestFlight beta – there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that the preview is restricted to 10,000 people, so there is a reasonable probability you won’t be able to try the app even if you register right away. At the moment, the beta can only be available within the US, UK, and Canada. Furthermore, do you have to get in, you will get cycled out at some point so that Microsoft can take a look at the app on a variety of different units.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud

As per App Store policy, Microsoft says the beta will start with a single game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Xbox console streaming are not included at the moment. If none of these constraints sound likes a motive to skip the beta, you could find full directions on how to take part in the company’s website.

While a full launch is probably going nonetheless months away, Project xCloud is slowly turning into a dependable service. Compared to Google Stadia, Microsoft has been good about not overpromising on options like 4K display and has instead operated to make the platform run as most excellent as it can at 720p first.

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