Microsoft’s Project Artemis to Detect and Report Child Predators

Microsoft has developed a new system to detect and report predators who try to lure children online. Called as “Project Artemis,” the technology will be made accessible for free to fitting online service corporations that provide a chat function.

Project Artemis checks text-based conversations and evaluates whether they could be deemed grooming. It designates a rating, and companies can use these ratings to flag conversations for inspection by human moderators.

The project started in November 2018 at a Microsoft “360 Cross-Industry Hackathon.” Since then, Microsoft, The Meet Group, Thorn, Roblox, Kik, and others have supported building the software. January 10th, licensing will be handled by Thorn, a nonprofit that builds tech to defend kids from sexual abuse.

Microsoft isn’t the one Big Tech firm fighting child exploitation and abuse. Last year, YouTube pulled hundreds of channels and disabled feedback on tens of millions of movies after reports suggested a toddler porn ring existed on the platform. Facebook has said it makes use of machine learning to fight child exploitation, and the Tumblr app was once discarded from the App Store when images portraying youngster sexual abuse got past its filters.

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