Microsoft shared Android for Surface Duo and Neo

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be joking when it mentioned it needed to give developers the chance to prepare for its dual-screen future reasonably early. Over the past weeks, it has been releasing bits and items of its vision, like its fluent design language, the Microsoft Launcher for Android. Now it has released its most significant chunk but, providing the most essential device that Android builders will need to make sure that their apps will behave properly on the Surface Duo.

Microsoft says that the Duo and Neo will support several dual-screen app layouts; from occupying a single screen solely to spreading to both screens to having every screen shows just a portion of the identical app. The company can be providing documentation to get developers started on what to look out for in adapting their apps or creating new ones.

And it isn’t merely Android both. In the coming weeks, Microsoft can even release an SDK for the Surface Neo based on the unreleased Windows 10X. The corporation can be engaged in developing the same dual-screen support for Progressive Web Apps or PWAs, powered by the Chromium-based new Microsoft Edge, of course.

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