Michelle Obama To Host Six-Episode “Getting In College” Series On IGTV

IGTV isn’t the most compelling destination for the original video. However, Instagram is not giving up. Instead, it is bringing in additional star power. Up next: Michelle Obama will host a six-episode series about getting into college.

Beginning in mid-January, A Year of Firsts will comply with first-generation faculty students by their freshman year. Every episode will start with a message from Obama describing among the hurdles to getting into college. Then, viewers will hear from students themselves. The present is supposed to wrap up in June.

A Year of Firsts is a collaboration between Obama’s nonprofit Attain Larger and ATTN, the media firm that is also liable for the IGTV series with Joe Biden and one other with Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin. These shows addressed faux news and teen vanity, respectively. We’ve also seen an anti-bullying IGTV series from Jonah Hill.

ATTN and IGTV may have developed a working model. For ATTN, IGTV is a way to reach teens the place they are on Instagram, and for IGTV, high-profile partnerships with celebrities is an option to drive viewers to the service.

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