LunchHouse Software To Produce A Documentary Series On Prequel Of Portal 3

You are probably not going to see a Portal 3 shortly (Valve appears to have an aversion to third installments). However, you are about to get the next best thing: a look at the prequel that never shipped. LunchHouse Software has obtained permission to produce a documentary series that shows F-Stop, aka Aperture Camera, a prequel to the Portal series that was dropped in mid-development. The initial video-solely exhibits basic game mechanics, but these now speak volumes.

The game orbited around a logic-breaking camera that would reproduce and modify any object you possibly can capture in a photo. You can snap photos of boxes and resize them to climb to hard-to-reach areas, or a ceiling fan to show it right into a jump pad. The objective, though, would remain familiar — you’d have to escape test rooms through any means at your disposal.

LunchHouse has promised more videos as a part of the series. Nonetheless, there do not appear to be any intentions to launch a public model of F-Stop regardless of access to the unfinished source code. This is a controlled look at what might have been, not a teaser for a playable copy.

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