Louis Vuitton True Wireless Earbuds to Cost above $1,000

True wireless earbuds are the new black; however, let’s face it — most of them look dull at best and ugly at worst. The updated Horizon Earphones by Master & Dynamic and Louis Vuitton clear up that first-world problem, but at a cost. The buds made ripples when they launched last year for slightly below $1,000. This year’s model is much more costly, coming in at $1,090. However, you’ll get some upgrades — each functional and aesthetic — for the extra cash.

The Horizon Earphones are necessarily M&D’s $299 MW07 Plus earbuds, however with Louis Vuitton branding, so that you’re paying a significant charge for the prestige. This year offerings look a bit extra exciting — there are some bold color choices like neon yellow. So they sport both the Louis Vuitton monogram and the model’s signature flower designs in contrasting metallic finishes. In terms of functional updates, the buds now have 10 hours of listening time, an ambient listening mode for in-person conversations, improved active noise cancellation, and more sensitive microphones for voice functions and phone calls. The brand new case can cost wirelessly and stores an extra 20 hours of battery life.

While most people will most likely roll their eyes on the almost $800 markup, there’s undoubtedly a market for this type of collaboration.

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