Kingpin: Life of Crime A 1999 First-Person Shooter Game Is Getting Remastered

Kingpin: Life of Crime, a 1999 first-person shooter game, is getting a remaster. If you never imagined this occurring — “I’ll take video games everyone never thought could be remastered for $100, Alex.” The title didn’t fancy as much popularity as it may have when it was first launched, because it was released shortly after the Columbine High School massacre and varied retailers opted not to sell it. Video game developer 3D Realms, which is managing on the remaster, has declared the news on Twitter for PAX South 2020.

The upcoming model of the game is entitled Kingpin: Reloaded. It sums 4K and ultrawide support to the game, and you can play it in both “traditional” or “enhanced” mode. As you possibly can guess, the latter comes with improved graphics, though it seems like 3D Realms did not change the game’s character models — their new beefy physiques stay. As well as, the developer says it rebalanced the gameplay.

3D Realms doesn’t have an actual release date, but.  PC, PS4, However, it intends to launch the game later this year for the Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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