Judge Has Dismissed Charges against Glenn Greenwald for Alleged Cybercrimes

Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept faced criminal charges for violating cybersecurity laws in Brazil last month. Now a judge has released the hacking charges associated with six people who allegedly stole data from the phones of judges and public officials. His outlet revealed excerpts of a bunch chats allegedly displaying coordination within the judge and prosecutors acting on a corruption investigation.

The Intercept states that the judge’s deposition is “for now,” with a sign that if a prior order by a Supreme Court minister blocking investigation of the journalist were overthrown, fees could be refiled. As for now, the other six people will still stand charges of testified hacking to obtain the messages. In a statement, Greenwald said, “this ruling, whereas good, is insufficient as protection of core press freedom. We will proceed to report and will also go to the Supreme Court for an even stronger ruling.”

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